The reason behind it all

I chose the title of my musings for two specific reasons.  First, I chose the name Anthony as it is my given name.  My grandfather wore this name all his life as did my patron saint, St. Anthony of Egypt.  (I was born on January 19, and the Roman Catholic Church celebrates his feast day on January 17.)  Second, I chose the word Akron as it names the place where I was born and, after a long absence, the place where I currently reside…in Ohio, that is.  So, in a very real, very literal way I am Anthony of Akron.  These musings function as an opportunity for me to explore the not so literal ways in which I am Anthony of Akron.  More specifically, I hope it might function as an a echo chamber within which I might hear my internal dialogue out loud and outside of myself so as to better understand both dimensions of the title under which these musings are collected…to understand myself as a creative individual…to understand the place in which that self was formed and in which it continues to be molded…to understand the intersection of the two, for better or worse.

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